Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Thoughts on Reflection

As I narrow down the topics I want to focus on this summer, I keep returning to reflecting. I continue to lament the lack of time for my own, but I'm equally concerned about the lack of time I give my students.

I went ahead and asked my kids today if I could borrow some of their reflections from throughout the year. I also solicited their whole Writer's Notebooks. (Side note - I would also be interested in studying ISNs/Writer's Notebooks as a topic as well.) A lot of kids were ready to hand me their notebooks on the spot, but I told them to hang on to them because they would need them during the next two weeks.

Brandon approached me in 8th period and tried to hand me his despite my instructions. He persisted and explained that he didn't need anything in it at all. It got me thinking, why doesn't he need it? Julie and I attempt to do activities that we hope the kids will find important and worthwhile, but I guess they're not for everyone. Which leads me to think about, how can we make their writer's notebooks more valuable to them? I think the answer could be explored in depth, but the simple answer is, we need to use them more often and engage in activities that will inspire ownership.

Possible title = Reflection: Taking Time to Think Back

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