Thursday, May 21, 2009

Possible Workshop Idea: Life Graphs

When I saw that one of the expectations for Summer Job-Alike was "hands-on", it changed what I was thinking of sharing. One of the most hands-on activities we do all year is our Life Graphs. I've also brought it to protocols and received "warm" comments on it from other teachers.

So if I present this, here are my ideas so far:
  • Title - Life Graphs: Life is Lived in Moments (thank you Clark for that title)
  • Run through the lesson (in an abbreviated fashion) just like I would in my classroom
  • Pick 10 good things and 7 bad things. Solicit ideas for other types of graphs besides line (together we can only make this lesson better). Graph, add pictures, write about two events, share.
  • Have a PP with pics of the kids' work
  • List TEKS involved, Multiple Intelligences
  • Why should you teach this
  • Mention vertical articulation - each LA grade has a similar beginning of the year activity: 6th=Where Do I Fit In, 8th=Mandala

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