Sunday, July 5, 2009

At Last!

After years (at least five) of filling out the paperwork to host a student teacher in my classroom, I'm getting one! I'm so embarrassed to write that I cannot stop crying when I think about working with a student teacher. I have wanted a student teacher for as long as I have been teaching.  Each year that  I would fill out the forms and nothing would happen, I grew a little more distressed. I almost didn't fill one out this year thinking, what's the point? I know when they place student teachers that a lot of planning is involved that has nothing to do with me. But a part of me couldn't help but think, maybe someone in administration is making a conscious decision to not place a student teacher with me because of who I am as a teacher. 

Oh well, it doesn't matter now because I have one and I cannot wait to meet her!

It's silly but I feel like Charlotte in Sex in the City after she has filled out tons of adoption paper work and waited and then she finally finds out she has a daughter.

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