Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Almost Here

Tomorrow we officially have a work day so we can start getting things done in our rooms. Today, as a team, we went through our class lists to make sure we didn't have too many cross-teamers. We do, so I'll let my team leader take care of that. My favorite thing about giong through the lists was looking out for kids I already know. Some I know because of siblings or from Knitting Club or UIL Spelling. It gives me a leg up on learning all the new students.

I got to visit with one of my favorite students from last year. I'll teach his sister this year and both siblings are regulars at the knitting club. He told me that his family might move back to England! I would be really sad if they did; they're great kids.

Tom and I will head out on the neighborhood walk/ride in just a few minutes. I hope I don't get too winded on my bike.

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